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Name: Christa
Age: 16
Photographer: Cathy Catanese
Bulletin #FL544
Status: Placed

Date created: 09:42PM Monday 04/08/13
Last updated: 09:49PM Monday 04/08/13

To Inquire About Adoption:
Name: Peggy Custred
Email: peggy.custred@bhcpns.org
Phone: 866-313-9874
Address: 340 Beal Street Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548 5401 West Fairfield Dr. 1221 W. Lakeview Ave. Pensacola, florida 32501
City: Pensacola Florida 32506


Christa, born in March,1998, is a shy but very friendly young lady. She likes to read funny books, watch television (Jersey Shore is her favorite show) and go to the mall with friends. She loves Alabama football. She enjoys going to teen night at church. She likes animals but her favorites are monkeys. Christa does average work in school but she would benefit from parents who would actively encourage and support her studies. Christa is cautious in her feelings about adoption. She says she wants a "nice family" who "don't yell" and who will understand her need to move slowly while getting to know them. In the right adoptive family, Christa is bound to blossom!