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Name: James
Age: 7
Bulletin #
Status: Active

Date created: 06:29AM Sunday 08/11/13
Last updated: 03:10PM Tuesday 09/03/13

To Inquire About Adoption:
For further information and inquiries, please contact the Heart Gallery Coordinator, at HeartGallerySanBernardinoCounty@hss.sbcounty.gov , (909)-388-6742 .

James is a sweet boy who's described by his caregivers as funny, outgoing, and sweet. He loves to imitate cartoon characters, go for walks, and playing at the park with other kids. James is cooperative with school work and making progress in all areas of development. James would be best matched with a patient and committed family who will love James no matter what, and who will work with him to overcome his past and prepare for a bright and successful future.