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Name: Milanda
Age: 13
Photographer: Desiraee Grant
Bulletin #FL599
Status: Active

Date created: 09:10AM Friday 10/18/13
Last updated: 09:15AM Friday 10/18/13

To Inquire About Adoption:
Name: Frank Avilla
Email: frank.avilla@chsfl.org
Phone: (772) 429-2001
Address: 650 10th Street
City: Vero Beach Florida 32960


Milanda, 12, is a sweet and caring young lady despite the many obstacles she has faced in her life. People close to her have described her as loving and charming. A follower of music, Milanda really enjoys talking with those closest to her. At this point in her childhood, she inspires to work with animals as a veterinarian.

Milanda longs to be part of a forever home and would benefit greatly from a family that sets guidelines and limits. She needs both one-on-one attention and parents that are willing to provide long-term support. The parents who choose this youngster will be a lucky one. Although they will have challenges, they also will have the promise that this child's life holds - one that will be comprised of pleasure and joy.