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Anaih W, Kameron and Nicholas B

"All Children Deserve a Family"

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Names: Anaih W, Kameron and Nicholas B
Photographer: Jessica Chang
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Status: Placed

Date created: 02:20AM Thursday 11/14/13
Last updated: 10:59PM Friday 09/19/14

To Inquire About Adoption:
Families requiring general information about getting started with foster care or adoption should call 866.612.2565
Anaih W, Kameron and Nicholas B

Oklahoma Families Only

I had a wonderful opportunity to spend an afternoon with these three bundle of joys. They are two older energetic brothers and the sister who loves to tag along with them everywhere they go. I enjoyed watching them play and interact well with each other. They would have skipped rocks all day into the pond if we had enough time. The sister warmed up to me very quickly, the oldest brother took an interest into my camera and may have a potential to be a great photographer, and the youngest brother was very easy going. A house would diffidently become a home with the addition of these three!