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Calendar of Iowa Information Sessions-August

This is a calendar for Iowa's Information Sessions for August 2016. *Des Moines *Cedar Rapids *Brooklyn *Denison *Clinton *Sioux City *Dubuque *Waterloo *Davenport *Council Bluffs *Muscatine Let's make a difference together. Come explore foster parenting at our Des Moines information session! An information session is one of the first steps to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. You'll receive a basic overview of foster care and adoption and learn about characteristics of children in the child welfare system.

Mixed Roots Foundation Partners with T-Mobile and many others at the Minnesota Twins 4th Annual Adoptee Night

In celebration of its 5 Year Anniversary, Mixed Roots Foundation will go back to their Minnesota roots and present its 4th Annual ‘Adoptee Night’ with the MN Twins in partnership with T-Mobile this year as they take on the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 7:10 p.m. at Target Field. T-Mobile will sponsor 200 kids to assist with helping Mixed Roots Foundation reach its goal of sending 1,500 adopted and foster care kids to the game along with providing purple rally towels that will be given to each Adoptee Night attendee

Heart Gallery Alabama: Meet Austin

Austin, born March 2001 is an energetic boy who enjoys sports, playing video games, swimming, riding horses, and playing outside. He is athletic and enjoys an active lifestyle. Austin is open to new adventures. He would love to play school sports but due to being behind two grade levels he cannot compete and due to his age he cannot play little league sports. He is very motivated to catch up in school and is making good grades at this time.

Jordans Furniture Partners with MARE to help Find Adoptive Families

Over a hundred children in foster care, countless families from around Massachusetts and scores of social workers will all come together tomorrow, Saturday, July 23rd, at Assumption College in Worcester, MA, all with one goal in mind…to find permanent homes for some of the hundreds of older children in foster care. The event is sponsored by Jordan's Furniture and Eliot Tatelman, Jordan's President and CEO.

Help Heart Gallery Alabama Find Families for Foster Kids

Organize photo shoots of foster children who need recruitment assistance for an adoptive family. Assist at photo shoots across the state. Respond to Inquiries from prospective family via email and phone. Respond to potential volunteers via phone and email.

Connecticut Heart Gallery

Come visit the Connecticut Heart Gallery. It is showing in Meriden, North Haven, Sherman, New Haven, Farmington, a and Bridgeport during July and August. Click for a collection of displays!

Formerly Foster Kids, Now Congressional Interns: A Policy Recommendation to Congress

These interns discussed a wide range of issues that affect children in foster care, including kinship care, parental substance abuse, adoption subsidy fraud, foster care reimbursement rates, extended foster care, crossover youth, secure attachment, runaway prevention, LGBTQ placement stability, psychotropic over-medication, permanency, and harmful labels. The interns gave personal accounts of how current child welfare policies, or lack thereof, have shaped their opportunities to succeed. A common thread through the interns’ stories was the need for permanency and stability.

Jalunnie, Mariah, and Jamarius need home together

Jalunnie, 13, describes himself as a fun, cool kid who can be laid back at times. He loves sports, basketball and football in particular. Jalunnie is a Cavaliers fan and loves Alabama football! Mariah, 12, is a sweet and somewhat shy girl with a bright smile. She enjoys girly things, makeup and clothes. She still enjoys playing with baby dolls and her favorite color is pink. Mariah likes sports and describes herself as smart, nice and responsible. Jamarius,11, is described as a charismatic, friendly boy with an infectious smile. Jamarius loves superheroes, specifically the Avengers, and WWE wrestling.

Calling all Professional Photographers.

If your are a Western New York-based photographer who’d be willing to volunteer your time by conducting photo shoots for local foster children in need of an adoptive family, PLEASE contact Sue Shaw at Adoption STAR (716-639-3900 or Sue can put you in touch with the necessary folks at OCFS who will happily take you up on your generous donation of time, services, and expertise.

New Mexico: Find Out More About Foster Parenting And Adoption

Attend a local, free information meeting and learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent! CYFD staff and foster parents will be available to provide information and answer questions about the process to become a licensed foster or adoptive parent at the following locations (click on city name to jump to a list of dates). Reservations are not necessary; just show up!

Issac, 11

Issac is an energetic boy who loves to play any sport that you can think of and wants to be a baseball player when he grows up. He enjoys being outdoors and in the winter he loves to ice fish. Some of his other favorite hobbies are drawing, working out and listening to hip hop music. He also has a strong love for dogs and hopes to have one in his adoptive family. Being at the lake and with family make him the most happy! Issac’s contagious smile lights up the room!

Forever Families: A Wall of Hopes and Dreams

At any given time there are thousands of children across the country in foster care waiting to be adopted. Hundreds are in your own backyard. The faces of those children are displayed in the Heart Gallery. “It’s a great way to bring to light that there are children right here, our neighbors in your children's’ schools that are in foster care and waiting for a family of their own,” said Megan Ransom. “And it’s also a really great tool for awareness about foster care and adoption.” Local organizations display the Heart Gallery in their businesses. Here it’s displayed at a YMCA, where guests coming and going walk by and notice the faces every day.

Foster Care Survivors Fight to Improve the System

“Kids really do fall through the system,” said Santa Fe native Lauren Huichan, 24. State officials say New Mexico suffers from a combination of too few foster homes in some areas and overloaded social workers, despite heavy recruitment efforts to fill vacancies. A recent report by the Legislative Finance Committee said foster kids “are lingering in non-permanent care or have multiple placements meaning a lack of stability for children already experiencing trauma.”

Kailyn, 10 & Keandre, 15.

*No Longer Taking Inquiries* Kailyn is a smart, active and a little shy until you get to know her. She has the ability to put a smile on your face as she is very funny! Some of her favorite musicians include Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Luke Bryan. Kailyn enjoys snowboarding, sledding, volleyball, softball and spending time with her big brother Keandre. Keandre is an athlete with a love for sports and outdoors. He has a great sense of humor like his sister and enjoys telling jokes to see the people around him smile. He plays hockey, basketball, baseball and is a runner. When he grows up he would like to be a professional basketball player or a Navy Seal.

Alabama showcases children needing forever homes

There are a number of children in Alabama's Foster Care System in need of a forever home. Heart Gallery Alabama is a nonprofit organization dedicated to families for those children. Each week WSFA 12 News will feature one of those children. This week, we introduce you to Lashay. She loves to spend time with others. Lashay does well in school. Her favorite subjects are math and science.

Dire Need For Foster Parents in Texas

There is a shortage of foster parents in Texas. This had led to more than 180 children sleeping in state offices during the past two years. It's a major crisis that lawmakers say must be fixed. It's an alarming trend, many children sleeping at state offices when what they really need is a home.

Visit Maryland's Heart Gallery: Heart Gallery Opens with Compelling Portraits and Stories of Young People in Need of Adoptive Homes

In Maryland, there are approximately 45 children available for adoption today. The State of Maryland dually approves their resource families as foster/adoptive families. DHR provides extensive resources and training for their foster/adoptive parents while also providing a wide range of support services for youth transitioning to adulthood and self-sufficiency. For example, foster youth are eligible for a tuition and mandatory fee exemption to attend a public institution of higher education in Maryland if they meet certain criteria. DHR will host the Heart Gallery through the month of July in its continued effort to ensure that every Maryland child has a permanency plan. To schedule a visit to the gallery, please email Kari Nye.

Heart Gallery

The Adoption Exchange will partner with Park Place Infiniti to host the Heart Gallery, a collection of photos featuring local children waiting to be adopted. The gallery will be open through July 21 and is located on 5555 W. Sahara Ave. Last year at the same event 76 children found loving families.

Cameren Y

Cameren has a quiet personality but believes he is a fun kid! He especially enjoys playing games on a tablet or other electronic devices. Cameren enjoys drawing, playing with cars, and the color blue. His favorite food is pizza, his favorite drink is lemonade, and his favorite cookies are Oreos. Cameren also enjoys watching Sponge Bob, his favorite television show.


I’ve been a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter since 2007, but the surprising part is that I never aspired to work with children. I initially wanted to work with adults only (women mostly). So how did I end up on this path? Working with children in foster care and committed to finding them loving, permanent homes?

Two Moms Share Their Heartbreaking Story of Love

Last year’s article starts out with a simple sentence that reads, “this is the story about a boy who was lost.” It unfolds to share the intimate story of a young boy who grew up in North Dakota’s foster system. It reveals how at 16, Michael was discovered and welcomed, a thousand miles away, in to the Oregon home of a lesbian couple who believe “there is no age limit to love.” It is a moving and inspiring story that Eric Criswell wrote with the help of Michael and his moms, Rachel Dueker and Kim VanWoert.


WSFA 12 News has teamed up with Heart Gallery Alabama for a special partnership. Each week, we introduce you to a foster child looking for a forever family. This week, meet Arianna. She's a loving child who likes to read and play. She enjoys track and field and cheerleading. Learn more about Arianna and Heart Gallery Alabama at

Heartland Heart Gallery

Our greatest need is for quality adoptive and foster parents for teens, like Taylor, and sibling groups. To learn more about all of the children and teens looking for their Forever Families right now, visit Call (863) 519-8900 x 289 to register for our next Adoption Info Night.

Meet Devante

Meet Devante, he loves to cook, wants to play football and become a writer and he is looking for his forever family. Take a look at this video.

Pierce County Washington Lacks Enough Foster Homes

There are not enough foster homes in Pierce County. That sends children from the county elsewhere — King County, for some, but placements can be anywhere in the state, or beyond. Of the 1,299 children from Pierce County in the foster care system as of May 1, 417 were moved elsewhere, including 177 to counties not bordering Pierce. Even foster children who stay in Pierce County often end up being housed on a night-by-night basis — staying in homes that provide little more than a bed, or even in a hotel room. During the day, those children go to a state office, hanging out in a cubicle while their case worker is on the job, before a more permanent placement is made.

Heart Gallery of Sarasota

Come check out the children waiting for their families. The 4th of July passed, and it was a symbol of a new start, why not have a new start with a new child in your life?

Children in South Carolina Dream of a Loving Home and a Family

There are over 1,600 children in the state of South Carolina that dream of a loving home and a family of which they can be a part. Formed in 2005, the South Carolina Heart Gallery is a collaborative program administered and supported by the Children's Foster Care Review Board - Office of the Governor and the South Carolina Department of Social Services. This unique partnership enhances adoption recruitment opportunities for waiting children. Local photographers donate their services to provide portraits of the children, which are displayed in public venues around the state.

Training in Social Welfare? Build North Carolina's Heart Gallery!

Write strengths-based child profiles for photo listing on AdoptUSKids and NC Kids using information provided by the child's social worker. Promptly respond to inquiries regarding children available for adoption from the public, approved adoptive families, and social workers. Review approved Pre-Placement Assessments of potential adoptive families to determine their level of congruence with the needs of children that are legally free for adoption and submit possible adoptive families who are potentially matched to the child's social worker. Provide consultation about NC adoption and foster care laws, policies, and procedures to the general public as well as social workers with public and private agencies. Consult about specific cases to determine the best course of action regarding child specific placement and recruitment. Organize and participate in statewide and local diligent recruitment efforts.

Aubrey, From Sarasota, Florida, Needs a Forever Family

Ten-year-old Aubrey is a very active child. She dreams of unicorns and princesses and can be described as “goofy” most of the time. Aubrey enjoys gymnastics and is enrolled in a competitive team. She is also a Girl Scout, which she enjoys. She loves animals but bigger animals tend to scare her. She is an excellent student and has many friends.

Five Adoption Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

We love to see individuals and organizations supporting the dream we are so passionate about. We believe that the future is in our youth and that every child deserves a happy, healthy, and safe environment to flourish. These 5 adoption stories couldn’t help but bring a smile to our face and we hope they bring one to yours too!

Help a Florida Heart Gallery!

The mission of the Heart Gallery is to increase the number of successful adoptions of local children currently in foster care. In addition to featuring children, we recruit and support families interested in adoption. The Heart Gallery was founded on the belief that every child deserves a home. There are no unwanted children, only unfound families.

Heart Gallery Alabama

Heart Gallery Alabama’s mission is raising awareness, educating the public and finding forever families for children in foster care in Alabama. Heart Gallery fulfills its mission through partnerships with award-winning, professional photographers who donate their time and expertise to capture each child’s individual spirit. Every child needs a loving supportive family to help him become a successful and happy adult. HGA hopes that promoting the adoption of these children will be successful so their dreams of being part of a family can become a reality.

I Adopted 8 Kids in 14 Years and YES I Would Do It Again!

I’m standing in the Orlando International Airport with my 14-year-old daughter, waiting for her to board a plane for Indianapolis. She’s heading home while I’m jumping on a flight to Tulsa for my next speaking engagement. She clutches my hand tightly; even at 14 years old, she still holds my hand in public, and it never stops warming my heart. I step to the side as she steps toward the woman taking tickets. As the scanner beeps and the attendant welcomes her, she walks down the jet ramp and disappears. How in the world did she become so grown up, I wonder to myself.

We have found this program beneficial in finding families for our children. We ask that as you view the children, consider that they live in our communities. Respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend school or church, or play at the local park with your children and relatives. The availability of their pictures leaves our children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. Although we strive to protect them, we need your help. Thank you!

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